Tuesday, June 16, 2009

El perro by Cilantro

I'm an American Dad fan. They have an episode called "Roy Rogers McFreely". In the episode Roger, the alien, is obsessed with the "fictional" mexican singer Cilantro. Though Cilantro's album is mentioned many times during the episode there is only 1 song played, "El Perro".

If you don't laugh upon reading it, at the very least you'll smirk.

Here's a link to a clip from the episode. "El Perro" plays in the background.

Below is the Hilarious translation.

El Perro by Cilantro aka Dave Navarro

El perro, el perro, es mi corazon!

(The dog, the dog is in my heart!)

El gato, el gato, el gato no es bueno!

(The cat, the cat, the cat is no good!)

Cilantro es cantante, Cilantro es muy famoso!

(Cilantro is singing, Cilantro is very famous!)

Cilantro es el hombre con el queso del diablo!

(Cilantro is the man with the devil's cheese!)

El perro, el perro, nunca sin razon!

(The dog, the dog is never without reason!)

El gato, el gato, el gato es obsceno!

(The cat, the cat, the cat is obscene!)

Cilantro es caliente!

(Cilantro is kind!)

Cilantro es cariƱoso!

(Cilantro is affectionate!)

Cilantro es carinoso mejor que su esposo!

(Cilantro is more affectionate than your husband!)

"Roy Rogers McFreely" has become one of my favorite episodes as Roger plays "El Perro" a few times and in some very funny situations.

Bottomline: I'm CTFU


  1. It is a great song and one of my all time favorite episodes, but I think caliente means "hot" doesn't it? It would still fit in the song.

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  3. Cilantro is Dan Navarro, not Dave Navarro, FYI.

  4. Here ya's go.. By the man himself
    Laugh it up

  5. There is a line that is obscured when Roger shouts "See ya later, boys!" It is the first half of the stanza that ends with "mejor que..." The line in its entirety is "ilantro le da besos mejor que su esposo

  6. I posted the above comment about the obscured line, and I meant to provide the translation, which I think is maybe the best line of the song (and a tragic omission for that). The translated line is "Cilantro gives kisses better than her husband